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So today i wanted to depoist some money at the bank and i had to take the bus.

When i get on the Bus the driver greeted me which was a lovely change of pace. not only that when he made bus stops he said “have a good day” to all the passengers that got off. Which gave me a smile as i sat their watching the people left the bus and the bus driver greeting them a “have a good day.” On top of that we stopped and two small childern got off with their mom and the two childern wanted to wave bye to the bus driver so they ran up to teh front door waving “bye” and it was really adorable which was great to see. 

So today i went to deposit some money at the bank.

went to the bank teller she was polite and also informed me about how i can save money when i turn 19. which i think is awesome. the lady was even nice enough to give my 20 into two 5s and a 10 which was great because then i had money to buy ice cream at mcdonalds ^_^

So after getting my ice cream i got on the bus to go home. and the next stop an old man sat beside me. and as a teenager when people beside want to talk to you they turn to you and ask you a question and him being old i would politely answer him. however i went to listening to him. he was telling me about stories and how the world is to expensive now a days. And how he use to own a plant where he hired 3 filipino workers (which was awesome) and he told me that the filipino workers are the most hard working people out there. and there was a time where he was saying that when he did the night check he saw all 3 filipinos working and then see the canadian seating in teh lunch room reading the newspaper. which i found something of a slight chuckle.

Surpising to know that he was also going to mcmaster because he had his monthly blood check at the hospital. after talking to him i found out that he is 89 years old and will be turning 90 next month. which i should have wished him an early birthday but i forgot to :( he has 8 children LOL he was busy 1 which is a doctor, 1 that works with animals and 3 that work in business. On top of that he has 17 grandchildren 5 at which are the university level. which was very interesting to hear. He then ask me what i am doing for today, he jokily ask me if i was here to study or here to pick up girls, which i said i was here to study.Then he gave me some words of advice about that and i am planing to take it.

One of the coolest things is that his name was Jim Falco then i, instantly thought of Captain Falco. 

Hamilinton is which a nice area with polite people. and that hey sometimes when you have your crummy days before that there is always going to be a brighter head to look forward to. and that if an old person talks to you just be polite and talk to them. conversant with them you will find out that its benefits not only them because they get to talk to someone and someone will be listening to them but befits you as well because you get to understand they have done some very interesting things. 

And that conclude the begging of my day ^_^

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